GEO Trans International {GTI } is an Indian Incorporated company established with an aim to be an effective link between buyers and sellers in the field of international trade by receiving and handling the consignments both inbound and outbound of our customers.

Innovative and Creative new solutions and development for the modern complex supply chain activities has been the aim of GTI

Our Motto : 3 "E"s
Ethics in Business
Efficiency  in Transportation
Easy in Solutions

We have a highly efficient , experienced team of professional with over 15 years of experience in this industry. Our edge our customers is that we customize our product services to meet every individual clients need and draft SOPs and chart the work flow for both pre shipment and post shipment services understanding the unique requirements of each of our clients. With experience management team, we also provide value added consultancy services for our customers and meet their requirements in this ever changing dynamic industry.


Tracking Services